What are the reasons for the disconnection of woven bags,pp woven sacks

In the process of sewing white woven bags, thread breakage sometimes occurs. This phenomenon is very common.

You only need to understand the reason for the thread breakage to avoid this situation. So what is the reason? The staff of the woven bag wholesale factory gave a brief introduction here:

First, the wire tension may be too tight or too loose. When the upper thread is too loose, the lead parts of the equipment, such as loopers, rotating shuttles, etc. If the thread loop is repeatedly

inserted, the effect will cause the thread to be unsmooth and the cross-section thread. Therefore, when sewing, you should choose a good quality thread, and always pay attention to the

tightness of the upper thread. Part of the reason is that the knitting bag needles, such as the holding groove, thread hole and arc groove and other important working parts,

have not been strictly polished. , Traction and sliding processing, and the roughness of the thread passing leads to the occurrence of thread breakage,

or the stitching quality is not up to standard, the machine is improperly adjusted, the thread passing parts have sharp openings, the operation

method is problematic, and the needle is not sufficiently cooled.

In fact, there are many reasons for thread breakage in the sewing process.

The most important ones are the above points. Before using them,

let us check the places where thread breakage is easy to form. Generally speaking, thread breakage will not happen. appear.


Post time: Feb-08-2021