Why does the woven bag appear to fade

Woven bags are widely used in our lives, but they are prone to problems when they are used.

What is the reason for the color fade when they are used.

The fading phenomenon of the woven bag is generally caused by the surface corona not being completely treated,

the temperature and relative humidity of the printing workshop are too high, and the dissolved hydrogen bonding force of

the ink system is too different from the dissolved hydrogen bonding force of the substrate of the woven bag.

The printing on the surface of the woven bag is not stable, which will easily cause the pattern ink to fade.

The above are the common reasons. Therefore, in the process of producing woven bags,

we need to control the relative humidity of the workshop as much as possible,

but not too low, otherwise it is easy to generate static electricity.

When in use, you should also pay attention to the corresponding maintenance according to different use environments,

to prevent it from being affected by different environments and causing problems with its use effects.


Post time: Mar-01-2021