why choose ad*star bag to pack dry mortar, gypsum packaging,cement.

For packaging materials of dry mortar, plaster and cement, choosing the right packaging bag is crucial to ensure the safety and quality of the product. Shijiazhuang Boda Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer with 20 years of experience in producing high-quality building material packaging solutions. With 12 AD*Star bag making machines, the company has established itself as a reliable and innovative packaging solutions provider to the construction industry.

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One of the main products of Shijiazhuang Boda Plasticization Co., Ltd. is the block bottom valve bag, which is widely used for packaging dry mortar, gypsum, cement, etc. These bags are designed to provide maximum strength and protection to the contents, ensuring products remain intact and free from contamination during storage and transportation.

The square bottom valve bags produced by Shijiazhuang Boda Plasticization Co., Ltd. are made of laminated PP woven material, which has excellent durability and resistance to moisture and external factors. This makes them ideal for use in the construction industry, where products need to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

One of the main reasons to choose AD*Star bags for packaging dry mortar, plaster and cement is their superior strength and stability. The block bottom design of these bags provides a stable base for products, preventing them from shifting or spilling during handling and storage. Additionally, the valve closure system ensures easy and efficient filling, further enhancing the convenience and reliability of these bags.

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Additionally, the use of laminated PP woven material adds an extra layer of protection, protecting the contents from moisture and external damage. This is especially important with building materials, as any compromise in quality can have a significant impact on the performance and safety of the final structure.

In summary, Shijiazhuang Boda Plasticizing Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive packaging solutions for dry mortar, gypsum and cement, focusing on quality, durability and innovation. The use of AD*Star block bottom valve bags made from laminated PP woven material ensures that these building materials are packaged safely and securely, meeting the highest safety and quality standards.



Post time: Apr-22-2024