jumbo bag type 7: circular FIBC – top open and flat bottom

  • Circular bulk bags (FIBC) have a circular/tubular body that is a without seam. With only a top and bottom panel sewing into the bag, circular style bags are ideal for fine and hydroscopic materials.
    These Bulk Bags/ FIBC Bags are made from circular/ tubular woven fabric on 8 shuttle looms. The  pp woven circular fabric is with a reinforcement panel on the body of the fabric. this kind jumbo bags are with cross corner loop attachment.

Common sizes of FIBC bulk bags (cm):

90*90*100 90*90*120 90*90*140 90*90*150 90*90*180
95*95*95 95*95*120 95*95*140 95*95*180cm 99*99*200
100*100*100 100*100*120 110*110*140 105x105x135 105x105x240

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Custom Big Bags for your company

Would you like big bags with your individual print or custom dimensions? At jintang packaging you can have your big bags personalized with a minimum quantity of 100pcs. Have your logo printed on our standards big bags or create you own big bag with specific dimensions for the special needs of your company. For more information visit our fibc bag dimensions and fibc jumbo bag pages. .

bulk bag 800kg fibc bulk jumbo bag fibc jumbo bag pp woven

Any Questions?

If you would like to know more about the safe handling and transport of our big bags, please contact us, send us a message ! We are also available by phone during the week between 9am and 12pm at +8613722987974(whastapp /wechat)

Post time: Mar-08-2024