jumbo bag-type 3: filling spout and flat bottom


FIBC bag with filling spout and flat bottom

FIBC bags are an excellent choice when transporting and storing bulk materials.

These flexible intermediate bulk containers are known for their durability, versatility and cost-effectiveness.

When you add features like filling spouts and flats, you have a solution for more specific needs.

Bulk Bag specification:


loops: 4 cross corner loops.

filling spout:36cm*46cm

loading capacity:1000kg-2000kg

rammaterials: 100% virigin PP

thickness: 150gsm-220gsm

samples: free of charge



The fill port on the ton bag makes it easy and efficient to fill the bag with materials for shipping or storage.

Whether you’re filling the bag using equipment or by hand, the filling spout makes the process quick and easy.

This saves time and labor costs, making it an attractive option for many businesses.

the flat bottom of the big bag provides stability and ensures the bag remains upright during filling, shipping and storage.

This is especially important when working with materials that need to be kept level or upright to maintain their integrity.

The flat bottom also makes it easier to stack bags, maximizing storage space and making them easier to transport.

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Realated products:


 flour bags                                              animal feed bags                                       putty powder bags                        cement bags


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