How to extend the service life of woven bag products

For the woven bag product, it is very common in our lives, and woven bags are also divided into different types, and sometimes the damage rate of woven bag products is relatively high, then what is this related to What? Here is a brief analysis by the Hebei woven bag production staff:

The life of woven bag products is related to the storage environment and usage methods, such as temperature, humidity, light and other external environments, especially when placed in the open air, after rain, direct sun, wind, insects and mice If it is attacked, it will be damaged soon, but if it is placed indoors and stored properly, then this kind of thing will not happen, so for ordinary woven bags, it is best to store them indoors without direct sunlight , Dry, pest-free place. In daily use, it is still very simple. Of course, the manufacturer can also be required to strictly enforce its production process during the production process, so that it can be well prevented from damage during use.

Therefore, in the process of using woven bags, you need to master the correct methods and understand the precautions for use, which can extend the service life of woven bags and ensure the final effect of woven bags.


Post time: Dec-11-2020