4 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your 20kg Long Grain Rice Bag

POLY WOVEN SACKChoosing an attractive package for your rice will bring unexpected surprises to your sales.

1.We can choose a BOPP laminated PP woven bag,It is composed of 3 layers, from the inside to the outside, followed by PP woven fabric, pe film coated, bopp laminated.

We can print up to 7 colors on BOPP film.This will provide more possibilities for your design pattern.

5kg10kg15kg20kg25kg45kg rice bag


2. 20kg long grain rice bag can be transparent,

Transparent woven fabric allows your customers to see the rice more clearly.

It can be fully transparent, or transparent on the side, and the small window on the front will be customized according to your vision。

transparent long grain rice bag

 3. You can also add a liner bag to your bag of long grain rice ,The inner bag can play a better role in moisture-proof.

The width of the liner bag is usually 2cm wider than 20kg rice bag dimensions, and the length is +10cm,

It can be LDPE or HDPE. We can customize it for you according to your requirements.

Can be put in directly or with bottom sewing to prevent slipping.

rice bag with liner bag

4.We can customize the handle for long grain rice bag.

The handle can better help us carry the rice.If you have special requirements for handles, please contact us.

The handles 20kg bags of rice for sale we commonly use are as follows:

20lb rice bag with handle sack

We can also design the bottom for you, it can be square, which is more convenient for stacking,

and we can also coat the inner film for the bag, which can also play a role in moisture resistance,

and some ordinary coated bags can also be used pack rice,

In any case, we welcome you to contact us to discuss your packaging.

You are welcome to contact me to discuss the bag together and wish you a happy new year



Post time: Jan-19-2023